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The European Commission plans to dedicate €80 billion to its Horizon 2020 Programme

The European Commission has unveiled on Nov. 30, 2011 its plan to implement the research-funding programme that will succeed to FP7 (the ongoing EU’s “7th framework programme for research and technology development”). This new programme - the so-called “Horizon 2020” - will cover the period 2014–2020 and support “Europe 2020”, the European “strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth”, and more specifically its “Innovation Union” flagship initiative.

A total budget of €80 billion (over €10 billion per year) should be earmarked and address three key priorities:

  1. Support the EU’s position as a world leader in science,
  2. Secure industrial leadership in innovation,
  3. Address major societal challenges.

Simplified rules for participation (including a reduction of average time to grant by 100 days), a stronger participation of SMEs, and an increased international cooperation are among the objectives of this new programme.

In line with the planned funding increase across all themes, EU investments in ICTs are due to increase by 46% under Horizon 2020, compared to FP7. European Commission’s effort for the Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) and for the European Research Council (ERC) will also be significantly stepped up. Ongoing negotiations between the European Parliament and the European Council should lead to the adoption of legislative acts on Horizon 2020 by mid 2013 and to the launch of first calls in January 2014.

Further details can be found below:

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