30th anniversary

30years2Sigma Orionis has celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2014: the company was founded in April 1984.

All the company’s employees, both past and present, are proud to have been involved, and on occasions initiated, a large number of ambitious projects, to have experienced and benefitted from contacts with a large number of people and cultures, to have created the equivalent of over 300 person-years of activities and to have made a modest contribution to the progress of our societies.

On this occasion we have received many testimonials from persons and personalities who have had the opportunity to meet or work with the company since its creation. We would like to thank them all and are delighted to share our below “guestbook” (and the video report prepared by Web TV Nice) with you.

My congratulations to Sigma Orionis on its 30th anniversary! Since its creation, Sigma Orionis has participated in over 40 projects of successive European Framework Programmes for Research in the domain of Information and Communication Technologies. Several of these were international cooperation actions that have spurred links to less developed countries, progressively involving them in cutting-edge R&D activities. Other projects have contributed to the shaping of our future Internet. Looking ahead, I trust that Sigma Orionis will keep its pioneer spirit and will be able to build on the experience gained over the past 3 decades.

Zoran Stančič
Deputy Director General - DG CONNECT - European Commission

The Internet Society congratulates Sigma Orionis on its 30th anniversary of providing thought leadership and global innovation. We look forward to future opportunities to collaborate on initiatives that advance the continued open development of the Internet for the benefit of all people throughout the world.

Lynn St. Amour
President and CEO - Internet Society (ISOC)

Sigma Orionis have been a valuable element in the ecosystem of European research. In particular in the area of ICT they used their extensive network and expertise to broaden the scope of the research and deepened its much needed inter- and cross-disciplinary elements.

Žiga Turk
Professor - University of Ljubljana - Former Minister of Science, Slovenia

I have fond memories of our interactions in Japan with a balance between the implementation of technical tools and a proactive mindset. This is the recipe for building win-win international cooperation. We need to create an environment that inspires and enthuses. “Have fun!” as the Americans say. This is also how international cooperation in research and innovation must be considered. A passion, a pleasure and a commitment.

Philippe de Taxis du Poët
Minister Counsellor, Research & Innovation - Delegation of the European Union - India

We had an excellent cooperation in the context of China-EU digital Olympics. Your professionalism and dedication impressed all our partners. Congratulations for the 30th anniversary of Sigma Orionis. We wish you a big and happy celebration!

Chen Linhao
Deputy Director General - Dept. of International Cooperation - Ministry of Science and Technology - PR China

A different spirit… Sigma Orionis is definitely different. I had the surprise at first to work with them in a European collaborative project and was intrigued by their approach, the knowledge and vision that they brought us. In addition, it is always stimulating to discuss various topics with them, whether technical or related to the many questions raised by our societies and how the digital world will impact them.

Serge Fdida
Professor - University Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC) - France

Sigma Orionis can look with pride back on its 30 years of achievements in designing and driving many unique projects and luminary initiatives through foresight and leadership focused on networking knowledge and skills with and by people who foster progress and change. Wishing you another 30 years of excellence and growing clout with generous impact on society.

Latif Ladid
Founder & President - IPv6 Forum

Over the last decades, I have been involved with Sigma Orionis in several initiatives between the EU and its International Cooperation Partner Countries (namely China and Africa) related to applying ICT for the socio-economic development. Sigma Orionis has a considerable knowledge of EU research and innovation policies on a global level gained through their involvement as coordinators or partners in a high number of EU-supported projects. I also contributed to many conferences and workshops organized by Sigma Orionis. They always do a first-class job as facilitators and moderators of the networking needed for this kind of cooperation activities. All events were extremely well organized and very result-oriented. I have experienced Sigma Orionis as being extremely efficient. For me, the “face and brain” of Sigma Orionis has always been Karine Valin: Karine acts and manages her team with a very high level of competence and professionalism and she is very committed to engaging stakeholders in new ways of building cooperation.

José Luis Encarnação
Professor - Former Chairman of the IST Advisory Group (ISTAG), European Commission

Through their creativity, their open mind spirit and their professionalism, Sigma Orionis has been clearly contributing to the success of the NEM European Technology Platform and particularly to its NEM summits. Thanks to the whole team!

Jean-Dominique Meunier
Chairman & Executive Director - Networked Electronic Media (NEM) European Technology Platform

We recently entered into a partnership with Sigma Orionis as part of a call for proposals under FP7. Roger and his team have demonstrated an unrivalled competency and knowledge of the mechanisms for implementing such projects. Faced with each difficulty, they have systematically come up with a creative and effective solution, which, in the eyes of a start-up like ours, is the ultimate quality. And always with reassuring good humour, perhaps due in part to Sigma Orionis’ sunny location.

Frank Escoubès
Founder of the collaborative platform Imagination for People - Canada

My first contact with Sigma Orionis was virtual; I remotely attended a conference organised in Dakar in the context of their EuroAfrica-ICT project. Along with my AUF colleagues who were on site, I was pleasantly surprised by this company’s openmindedness and professionalism. The second contact was more personal. I met with Karine Valin in Mauritius where we discovered that most of the time, the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie and the Sigma Orionis shared mutual interests. This is not always the case: the meeting between a private company and a university or group of universities is sometimes tricky and communication can often be distorted. It is therefore the quality of the men and women in the organisations who ensure the project’s success.  For me, Sigma Orionis’ major assets are its ability to listen and its openness.

Didier Oillo
Scientific Director - Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF)

I have been impressed by the breadth, courage and humanity that inspire and illuminate the projects of Sigma Orionis. In my fifty plus years of serious futures and foresight work, I have found that these three characteristics, while often talked about, are rarely exemplified.

Ruben Nelson
Executive Director - Foresight Canada

I highly appreciate Sigma Orionis’ professionalism and sense of conducting business in a multicultural environment, especially in a dynamic and vibrant sector such as ICT. Big Bravo for the dedicated talented Sigma Orionis team.

Ali Yahiaoui
Chief ICT officer - African Development Bank (ADB)

It is a real pleasure to join with others in celebrating the 30th anniversary of Sigma Orionis. Working with Roger Torrenti and his team on the PARADISO project I grew to appreciate their commitment, their professionalism and their spirit of innovation.

Roberto Peccei
Vice President, Club of Rome - President, Fondazione Aurelio Peccei, Italy

We had a great experience with the team of Sigma Orionis, in particular Karine Valin when preparing project proposals and conferences related to our ICT4D activities. We enjoy collaborating and will also in the future look for that small, but luminous star to join our universe.

Dirk Elias
Director - Fraunhofer Institute - Portugal

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