July 15, 2015

While many sciences evolve in parallel, they are sometimes related through the Internet. (more…)


According to many foresight studies, three Grand Societal Challenges (GSC) with global scope, but which require action at EU level, can be identified (more…)


The PERFORMER project tackles energy efficiency at building level. PERFORMER will develop a solution to reduce the gap between estimated and actual buildings energy consumption. (more…)


Today, in many countries around the world where networking research is conducted, a variety of new ideas regarding the communication protocols and networking equipment go untried and untested, because of the lack of suitable facilities for deployment and experimentation with these ideas. (more…)


China is a very large country pursuing its ICT infrastructure development which could lead to pioneer the implementation of Future Internet advanced technologies as well as being a force to promote large scale IPv6 deployment more critically than EU due to lack of IPv4 resources. (more…)


The landscape of creative industries is changing rapidly as increasingly more cutting-edge technological developments are assimilated in the generation of cultural capital. (more…)


The RESILIENT project aims to design, develop, and install a new integrated concept of interconnectivity between buildings, DER (Distributed Energy Resources), grids and other networks at a district level. It also aims to assess the resulting energy and environmental benefits. (more…)


There is a huge potential for cooperation between China and Europe on ICT R&D, however finding partners, information and support in an unfamiliar market can be perceived as a daunting task. (more…)


July 10, 2015

Research Infrastructures (RI) play an increasing role in the advancement of knowledge and technology and their exploitation. (more…)


June 15, 2015

The ECODISTR-ICT project addresses energy efficiency at district level. The ECODISTR-ICT project aims at developing an integrated decision-support tool that facilitates decision making on the retrofitting and renewal of existing districts and their composing buildings. (more…)


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