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e-Infrastructures for Africa: Gateways to the Future - Brussels, October 29, 2014

September 11, 2014

eI4Africa_Final_Conference_291014_Sigma-OrionisYou are warmly invited to participate in the “e-Infrastructures for Africa: Gateways to the Future” Conference to be held in Brussels on October 29, 2014 at the Hotel Bloom. This major Africa-EU event in the field of e-Infrastructures is jointly organised by the eI4Africa project (coordinated by Sigma Orionis) and the iMentors project under the aegis of European Commission (DG CONNECT) and the African Union Commission (AUC).

The conference aims at bringing together policy-makers and research stakeholders from both regions to discuss major developments and perspectives in the field of Africa-EU e-Infrastructure cooperation. The conference will be framed around the following themes:

  • Status and perspectives of e-Infrastructures in Europe and in Africa;
  • Potential of e-Infrastructures for African Research and Education;
  • Research and Education Networks Deployment in Africa;
  • Science Gateways and e-Science platforms;
  • Flagship e-Infrastructure services in the Health, Environment and Education sectors;
  • Societal impact and benefit of e-Infrastructure applications;
  • African e-Infrastructures data mapping;
  • Considerations on how to establish and sustain African communities of e-Infrastructure users;
  • ICT investments in Africa;

More specifically, the conference will feature plenary sessions as well as discussion, debate and demonstration sessions addressing the main outcomes of the eI4Africa and iMentors projects:

  • The first ever Africa Grid Science Gateway;
  • Several African e-Infrastructure flagship demonstrators, including the Pharmacology Science Gateway, the TRODAN Data Repository, the Weather Research and Forecasting Model, the Community Health Portal, and the Technology Transfer Alliance Science Gateway;
  • The results of the two surveys launched to examine the state-of-the-art of e-Infrastructure applications in Africa, as well as to assess their economic societal and environmental impacts;
  • The main outcomes of the four thematic workshops held in Africa over 2013-2014;
  • The launched program to deploy Certification Authorities across Africa;
  • The launch of the most comprehensive crowdsourcing data map providing insights into international cooperation and ICT investments in Africa for scientists, universities, research and education networks, and international donors;
  • The development of a decision-support system based on multiple stakeholders’ evaluations and impact assessments for on-going international aid projects and e-infrastructures;
  • A set of contextual factors which enable the assessment of ICT4D proposals ahead of their implementation by estimating their potential impact;
  • The role of open aid data in enhancing the coherence of international aid;
  • African progress towards establishing national and regional Research and Educational Networks (RENs).

The “Infrastructures for Africa: Gateways to the Future” Conference will represent a unique opportunity for all parties interested in the e-Infrastructure domain to:

  • Reflect on progress made and lessons learnt on e-Infrastructure research and development in Africa and its contribution through partnerships to economic growth, improved quality of life and efficient service delivery;
  • Gain an insight on the status and perspectives of e-Infrastructures in Africa;
  • Learn more about the status and perspectives of the EC and AUC research programmes in this field;
  • Enhance the development of Africa-EU collaborative ICT/e-Infrastructure research projects and identify potential partners;
  • Highlight the range and excellence of e-Infrastructure research in Africa and in Europe;
  • Allow participative and interactive sessions on e-Infrastructure research and development through panel debates and interactive thematic sessions;
  • Network with peers and key stakeholders in the field (private/public bodies);
  • Exchange views, share information, and identify synergies.

Seats are limited and the online registration process will be closed soon. Register now!


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