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e-Infrastructures for biodiversity: the pro-iBiosphere project

April 22, 2013

The core of biodiversity knowledge is composed of information on species and specimens. A wealth of such knowledge has been assembled in taxonomic literature over hundreds of years. However, external and internal factors call for an urgent modernization of the production and accessibility of these data, information and knowledge.

Sigma Orionis is thus happy to be involved in the pro-iBiosphere project, a EU-funded FP7 project, which aims at addressing the challenge of preparing the ground for an integrative system for intelligent management of biodiversity knowledge. Once it becomes operational, the European Open Biodiversity Knowledge Management System will play a major role in facilitating the synthesis of core biodiversity data by creating an authoritative framework including: discovery of new species, naming of specimens and species, identification tools, descriptions, and various other basic types of information.

Through the pro-iBiosphere project, Sigma Orionis deepens its involvement in projects related to e-infrastructures (Sigma Orionis is also involved in the CHAIN-REDS and eI4Africa projects), while putting its expertise and experience at the service of the protection and access of biodiversity data.

For further information, please visit the pro-iBiosphere website.


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