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Energy efficiency in buildings: Sigma Orionis is involved in the PERFORMER project

September 12, 2013

Sigma Orionis has hosted today in Nice, France, the kick-off meeting of the PERFORMER FP7 project, coordinated by Utility Partnership Ltd (UK) and associating a dozen of leading European research organisations and companies, including Sigma Orionis.

PERFORMER aims at developing a holistic building energy monitoring methodology that factors in appropriate energy performance indicators, information models, and simulation tools, to achieve building energy performance targets. It will devise a building-oriented and large-scale energy performances strategy aimed at large clients with extensive building stock, with a view of achieving economies of scale, leading to sizeable retrofitting cost savings and reduced payback periods. The methodology will be tested and validated in four selected demonstration projects in France, UK, Spain and Poland, articulating common attributes as well as general and unique features with a view of ensuring scalability and EU wide application, thus pushing a step further research on energy efficient buildings and places.

Sigma Orionis is particularly happy to add PERFORMER to its portfolio of projects focusing on innovative solutions at the crossroads of the energy-environment, ICT and construction-building sectors.


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