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The first company’s CSR charter has been signed

January 25, 2014

Sigma-Orionis_CSR-charterThe staff and the management of Sigma Orionis have signed the company’s first CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) charter.

This document is one of the foundations of the company’s CSR policy and details the 10 main principles shared by each team member, not only to comply with international requirements in terms of professional ethics and international standards, but also to more significantly contribute, through specific activities and actions, to the social and environmental development of our societies. Conformance to this charter will be assessed on a yearly basis.

The principles themselves will be reviewed and improved whenever needed on the same regular basis.

They are the following ones:

  • We, Sigma Orionis’ team members, share the values of honesty, respect, tolerance, and integrity.
  • We pay special attention to each other’s well being, and encourage collaborative work and peer support among staff members to foster knowledge sharing and improve personal and overall efficiency.
  • We support carpooling and the use of public transports and adapt our working hours to traffic flows, hence contributing to reduce traffic jams and pollution in the area.
  • We limit printing to the minimum internally, and promote limited printing in our external communication as well, favouring whenever possible online information.
  • We sort and recycle waste and are committed to reduce it (in particular e-waste) to its minimum by repairing, re-using, recycling, donating, and thinking-before-buying.
  • We preferably purchase office supplies produced following a low environmental impact process. When travelling, we prefer eco-labelled hotels whenever budget constrains allow it. When organizing events, we prefer suppliers (e.g. catering services) with a clear CSR policy.
  • On the global scale, we enjoy the possibility of devoting part of our holidays to contribute to development projects in low-income countries, our company being then committed to cover the travel expenses of at least one volunteer per year.
  • Locally, we aim at being involved, individually or as a team, in time or in kind, and at least once a year, in benevolent actions which could benefit from the expertise and experience gained through our professional activities.
  • We are aware that the nature of company’s projects and the lessons learned running them can usefully support public debates and civic initiatives and are therefore ready to share our knowledge.
  • We are committed to promote our charter to contribute raising awareness on CSR issues, presenting it to our partners and suppliers, and questioning them on their own CSR policy.


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