According to many foresight studies, three Grand Societal Challenges (GSC) with global scope, but which require action at EU level, can be identified : Environmental challenge (the need to change the current ways in which essential natural resources are used); Societal and economic challenge (the need to anticipate and adapt to societal changes – including political, cultural, demographic and economic transformations); Governance challenge (the need for more effective and transparent governance for the EU and the world). The project addresses policy shift from adapting to changes through short-term policy responses, towards anticipating, welcoming and managing changes properly. The consortium will produce a set of concrete policy recommendations through the development of forward-looking analysis (FLA) quantitative and qualitative tools, methods and models.

Sigma Orionis leads the activities addressing “Dissemination and stakeholder involvement” and contributes to other WPs including the WP “Integration Board”.

Grant Agreement320330
ThemeForward-looking tools and methods for answering major societal challenges
Full titleForward Looking Analysis of Grand Societal cHallenges and Innovative Policies
Start dateJanuary 1 2013
Duration36 months
CoordinatorInstitute of Studies for the Integration of Systems
UnitSocietal Challenges

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