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Get ready for CAPS2015, the biggest event about Collective Awareness Platforms

June 25, 2015

There is a relatively small part of the Horizon 2020 research programme which is exploring the potential of Internet networks for enabling new forms of collaboration among citizens and collective intelligence, with the ultimate goal of creating social good. It is called CAPS – Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation, and it aims at stimulating new emergent areas such as the Circular economy, Collaborative making, Open democracy, open policy making, Social Entrepreneurship and Participatory consumption. We have the pleasure to organise CAPS2015, the annual event about CAPS that will take place in Brussels on July 7-8 at La Tricoterie.

The 2015 edition is structure in a plenary conference (7th morning) and a OFF programme (7th afternoon and 8th whole day) made of parallel and interactive sessions. The event brings together all the projects funded under the CAPS call and makes available their work in panels, workshops and demo sessions. But besides being the largest annual fair concerning the CAPS projects, CAPS2015 is also a meeting point for all stakeholders involved in similar initiatives. The programme features:

  • Insights from top-level EC officers about bottom-up approaches in EU programmes, mirrored by practitioner experiences;
  • Bottom-up movements from Brazil (Fora do Eixo, Nossas Cidades);
  • Engaging encounters & social experiments organised by designers and data scientists;
  • Inspiring talks concerning this year’s theme “Networked Social Responsibility”;
  • Participatory sessions leaving the ground to the attendee ideas;
  • Workshop about IoT, engagement design, crowdfunding, DYI networking and much more.

This year’s theme is ‘Networked Social Responsibility’: The CAPS acronym covers a wide range of approaches, activities and paradigms, impossible to pull together without rough simplifications. Nonetheless, we believe they all have in common a social responsibility dimension, that we define as caring for the common good and fostering societal changes as immediate objective or direct consequence of one’s work or engagement. Our part in this big picture is facilitating the encounter, creative clash and collaboration of the widest number of individuals, initiatives, projects and organisations sharing this commitment. Grab your free ticket and join us in Brussels!


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