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Kymberli Stewart and Dr Alan Redmond join Sigma Orionis

October 1, 2015

We are happy to announce that Kymberli Stewart and Dr Alan Redmond have been joining Sigma Orionis’ team this month, as Project managers, to strengthen respectively the International cooperation Unit and the Energy & Environment Unit.

Kymberli Stewart is American and holds a Global MBA in Finance from EDHEC, a French ‘grande école’ specialising in business and management. She also holds a BA in International Relations from New York University in the United States. Kymberli is a Project Manager with over 10 years in project management in the private sector specializing in Business Development and Strategy. Prior to joining Sigma Orionis Kymberli worked for multinational corporations including Viacom International and Sony International. She also spent 4 years in China as strategy consultant. Having a passion for civic engagement Kymberli has spent time serving on non profit boards including Miracle Corners of the World and Intercultural Dialogues. She was twice chosen as guest Moderator for United Nations. Throughout the years Kymberli has coordinated volunteer missions to Tanzania, Kenya, China and the Netherlands focused on peace building, cultural understanding and economic empowerment. She works to bridge the divide between corporate institutions, government and non-profit organizations. Within Sigma Orionis, Kymberli is a Project Manager in the International Collaboration (INCO) unit. She is a native English speaker and is beginner in French and Spanish with knowledge of Chinese.

Dr Alan Martin Redmond is Irish and received his PhD in late 2013 from the School of Real Estate & Construction Economics and Management, at Dublin Institute of Technology. He also undertook a post-graduate position at University of California, Irvine studying System Engineering to better model environmental and sustainable building dynamics. Dr Redmond has several years of teaching experience at the graduate and undergraduate levels in the area of construction design and construction management. Dr Redmond has published over 20 international papers and collaborated with institutes and organizations such as the University of Salford (UK) and CSTB (France) especially in the framework of FP7 projects addressing ‘ICT for energy positive neighbourhoods’ and ‘Open Dynamics System for Saving Energy in Urban Spaces’. In 2014, Dr Redmond was employed at University of Toronto as a project co-ordinator and technical architect for the “Green 2.0 Project”. Alan is a native English speaker and is beginner in French.


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