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Get in touch with the EC officers present at CAPS2015

Get in touch with the EC officers present at CAPS2015

During the CAPS2015 session titled ‘Encouraging and Supporting Bottom-up Approaches in EU programmes’, Jesus Villasante (Head of the Net Innovation Unit) authorised us to release the contacts of the EC officers present on stage in order to facilitate dialogue with citizens. Here we go - replace (at) with @:

- José Cotta – Head of Unit, Digital Science, European Commission’s DG Connect: jose.cotta(at)ec.europa.eu
- Vessela Karloukovska - Policy Officer, Stakeholders Unit, European Commission’s DG Connect vessela.karloukovska(at)ec.europa.eu
- Horst Kraemer – Scientific/Technical Project Officer, Digital Social Platforms Unit, European Commission’s DG Connect horst.kraemer(at)ec.europa.eu
- Jean-Francois Junger – Deputy Head of Unit, Public Services, European Commission’s DG Connect jean-francois.junger(at)ec.europa.eu
- Gaelle Le Gars – Smart Cities and Sustainability Unit, European Commission’s DG Connect Gaelle.Le-Gars(at)ec.europa.eu
- Xavier Le Mounier – Policy Officer, Innovation Policy for Growth, DG Enterprise and Industry, European Commission’s DG Connect xavier.le-mounier(at)ec.europa.eu
- Carolien Nijenhuis - Communication Officer, ICT for Health & Wellbeing Unit, European Commission’s DG Connect Carolien.Nijenhuis(at)ec.europa.eu

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