The CATALYST consortium is making public here the presentations and research papers related to the project activities and outcomes:

Research papers:

  • De Liddo, A., & Buckingham Shum, S. (2014). New Ways of Deliberating Online: An Empirical Comparison of Network and Threaded Interfaces for Online Discussion. In Electronic Participation (pp. 90-101). Springer Berlin Heidelberg.
  • Piccolo, L. S. G., Alani, H., De Liddo, A., & Baranauskas, C. (2014, June). Motivating online engagement and debates on energy consumption. In Proceedings of the 2014 ACM conference on Web science (pp. 109-118). ACM.
  • De Liddo, A. (2014). Enhancing Discussion Forum with Combined Argument and Social Network Analytics. In Okada, A., Buckingham Shum, S. and Sherborne, T., (Eds) Knowledge Cartography. Springer. Second Edition. (In press)


Working papers

  • De Liddo, A., & Buckingham Shum, S. (2014). Collective Intelligence for the Public Good: New Tools for Crowdsourcing Arguments and Deliberating Online. In Proceeding of: Internet Policy and Politics Conference. (IPP2014). Sept 25-26th, Oxford, UK.
  • De Liddo A., Buckingham Shum S., Klein, M.Arguing on the Web for Social Innovation: Lightweight Tools and Analytics for Civic Engagement”. In the Workshop: Arguing the Web: 2.0 at 8th ISSA Conference on Argumentation. (Amsterdam, July 1-4, 2014)
  • Arniani, A. (2015). “Technology, citizens and social change in the framework of European Research and Innovation programmes: towards a paradigm shift”. In the GOODTECHS Conference (Rome, October 26, 2015)


Presentations used in external events:

  • Impacto: The Future of Business, Lee Sean Huang (Purpose)


CATALYST first annual event presentations:


CATALYST final event presentation:

  • Harnessing the Power of Collective Intelligence: Technologies & Communities (Speakers: Franck Escoubès, Founder, Imagination for People; Marc-Antoine Parent, Head of Collective Intelligence R&D, Bluenove; Benoit Grégoire, Chief Technical Officer, Bluenove; Rosa Strube, Project Manager, CSCP; Lee-Sean Huang, Strategist & Designer, Purpose Europe Ltd; Alberto Cottica, International Projects, Wikitalia; Quentin Grimaud, Front-end Developer, Bluenove; Ruxandra Creosteanu, Founder, Babele; Carlos Rossique Delmas, IT Engineer, Autoconsulta Ciudadana)