IPv6 Pilot

The EU-China FIRE project facilitated and supported the set-up of a common IPv6 pilot between EU and China, with the goal of:

  • Strengthening joint research efforts on the Future Internet by developing interoperable solutions and common standards.
  • Reinforcing academic and industrial cooperation on Future Internet experimental research, through a better networking between European and Chinese actors.
  • Exchanging best practices for IPv6 deployment and supporting the creation of interconnected IPv6 pilots between Europe and China.


The common work intended to:

  • Establish a virtual united labs, focusing on IPv4 - IPv6 interconnection equipment test IPv6 full routing table and global reachability test, IPv4 over IPv6 tunnel test, Inter-AS IPv6 multicast, etc.
  • Share IPv6 deployment experiences, such as Backbone, MAN,Fixed line, Mobile network packet switched domain, BOSS, IDC migration, and Home network.
  • Periodical communication through mailing lists and/or conference calls, seminars or meetings during project events.
  • Follow up with some protocol extensions and current product network problem statements, submitting Internet common drafts to Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).
  • Communicate with each other on IPv6 supporting ability of major vendor’s equipment.


Should you want to organize a pilot involving IPv6 between China and the EU please contact us!

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