Accepted articles

In its quest to facilitate coordination and support to EU-China cooperation on Future Internet Research and Experimentation (FIRE) and IPv6, the EU-China FIRE project had launched a call for articles to encourage experts from both regions to send their articles on EU-China cooperation on IPv6, 5G, NFV-SDN, IoT, Cloud Computing and AFI/PTDN, thus contributing to document FIRE priorities and strengthening EU-China collaboration in FIRE.

Get an insight look into the nine articles that had been selected which can be found below.


MediaSense A Scalable Testbed for IoT Applications
T. Kanter, Professor at Department of Computer and System Sciences, Stockholm University

An IPv6 Routing Scheme for a Performant Internet of Things
C. Jacquenet, Director, Strategic Program Office for IP Networks

Reinvent Telcos for Cloud and SDN
S. Shen, Core Network Standardization Manager, Industry Environment, T&I, Nokia/NET

Identifier-based Universal Network Architecture
H. Zhang, Director of the NEL for Next Generation Internet Interconnection Devices, Beijing Jiaotong University, China

Research on key technologies of immersive media networking 
J. Yan, X. Dimitropoulos & B. Plattner, Professors at Communication University of China(CUC), FORTH and ETH Zurich

The Next Big Opportunities on EU-China Cooperation in IoT Industry 
J. Zhang, Secretary General, Zhongguanchun Park Internet of Things Industry Alliance, Beijing, China

Smart Sensing in Heterogeneous Clouds for Smart Living
Antonio Puliafito, University of Messina, Italy

NFV Phase 2 and involvement from China
Patrick Guillemin, Senior Research Officer, European Telecommunication Standard Institute (ETSI), France

ORIENTPlus: THE connectivity solution for EU-China Future Internet experimentation 
Helga Spitaler, Senior Communications Officer, DANTE, Cambridge, UK

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