Final conference

The FLAGSHIP final public conference was held on December 16, 2015, at CEPS premises (Centre for European Policy Studies), Congresplaats 1, 1000 Brussels, Belgium, with the title of “Thinking ahead sustainably: Policies, Scenarios and Models to address Grand Societal Challenges”.

The event welcomed around 80 participants, among which scientists and researchers, representatives of the European Commission, policy makers, civil society and other relevant stakeholders.

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Session I - Overview of FLAGSHIP objectives and conclusions

Insights from the future from the literature and the visual art - Olivia Bina, Simone Tulumello

Welcome to the FLAGSHIP project - Andrea Ricci, ISIS

Thinking ahead sustainably - Domenico Rossetti di Valdalbero, European Commission DG RTD

The FLAGSHIP storylines: metamorphosis beyond perseverance - Carlo Sessa, ISIS

Meta-models at the service of FLAGSHIP storylines - Andreu Ulied, MCRIT

Session II - FLAGSHIP scenarios: quantitative results and policy implications

Knowledge for Science and Knowledge for Conscience - Paul Zagame, Baptiste Boitier, Seureco

Environmental challenge: Results of policy simulations and main recommendations - Iñaki Arto, BC3

Closing the loop: an EU action plan for the circular economy - Werner Bosmans, European Commission

Session III - FLAGSHIP scenarios: the governance dimension

Global Legal Governance Scenarios and Indicators - Stavros Zouridis, Norberto Andrade, HiiL

Global governance scenarios and alternative Policy approaches: testing their prescriptive value with five case studies - Norberto Andrade, Pierre-Alain Schieb, Barry Stevens, HiiL

Territorial diversity and governance - Kai Böhme, Christian Lüer, Spatial Foresight

Territorial diversity and governance, final comments - Eduarda Marques da Costa, University of Lisbon

Final policy panel

Challenges - Andrea Ricci, ISIS

Messages from a policy perspective  - Thiemo W. Eser, Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, Luxembourg



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