The conference final report is out!

The proceedings of the final FLAGSHIP conference, “Thinking ahead sustainably: Policies, Scenarios and Models to address Grand Societal Challenges”, are now fully available in open access on the event page: users can download the final report, surf the presentations and watch the pictures. The project team thanks again all the participants for contributing in making it a unique event.

The FLAGSHIP final conference was a great success

The conference “Thinking ahead sustainably: Policies, Scenarios and Models to address Grand Societal Challenges” was the last step of the FLAGSHIP project, and a successful one: almost 80 participants gathered at CEPS to discover and discuss the project findings. Check out the event page for the presentations. Pictures and proceedings coming soon: in the meanwhile the best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the whole team!

CEPS conference

FLAGSHIP final conference: register now!

Registrations to the FLAGSHIP final public conference are open! The event will be held on December 16, 2015, at CEPS premises (Centre for European Policy Studies), Congresplaats 1, 1000 Brussels, Belgium, with the title of “Thinking ahead sustainably: Policies, Scenarios and Models to address Grand Societal Challenges”.

The event welcomes scientists and researchers, representatives of the European Commission, policy makers, civil society and other relevant stakeholders. The registration is free of charge but pre-registration is requested.


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The New Flagship European Policy Brief is Released!

How can we prepare ourselves to face Grand Societal Challenges (GSC)?

As the follow-up of Flagship previous Policy Brief published in November 2014, this new deliverable computes the latest research from the Flagship project. The Policy Brief provides the reader a clearer understanding of the current trends and a broader vision of the future of Policy making in the EU.

Focussing on governance challenges, Flagship Policy Brief brings insightful perspectives on established scenarios for a better-integrated future. Energy, finance, labour, social welfare: these are just a glance of the topics covered in this document covering Global-Legal, Territorial and EU Governances.

The whole Flagship European Policy Brief is available in the website “Public Resources” section.

Save the date of the 2nd FLAGSHIP Webinar!

The 2nd FLAGSHIP webinar will be held online on June 16, 2015, from 11 to 12 am CET.

The webinar will present our upcoming Policy Brief, with a focus on legal, territorial and EU governance and their evolution in the two opposed visions for the future proposed by FLAGSHIP (metamorphosis and perseverance).

Policies matters, and their content will depend on the objectives, preferences and aspirations policy makers have in mind for society at large. This goes beyond the idea of anticipatory and reactive policy, in the narrow sense, which refers to uncertainty about the future. The spotlight will be on EU governance: the existence of centrifugal forces in the economic realm, if not stopped, will reduce the rationale of EU integration (not for further integration!) and may lead to the collapse of the Union.

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