Smart, sustainable and inclusive growth: good enough?

The infographic below represents the integration of qualitative and quantitative approaches elaborated by Carlo Sessa from The Institute of Studies for the Integration of Systems. The infographic shows the relations and interconnections between scenarios, storylines, and metamodels and indicators, in order to:

  • Help anticipating major challenges that Europe will have to face in the next 20-30 years in the context of the Innovation Union;
  • Support the impact assessment of medium to long-term demographic, economic, political and technological trends in Europe in a world context.

The infographic is part of FLAGSHIP with the effort in enhancing and improving Forward Looking Analysis methods and tools, including developing and simulating alternative scenarios to address the transition challenges.

The presentations and pictures from the 4th FLAGSHIP workshop are now available here!

The workshop took place at the EU Representation of Lower-Saxony in Brussels on last March 19th and it was extremely successful. Comparing with previous FLAGSHIP workshops, this event welcomed the highest number of participants, with 42 attendees in total. In addition, FLAGSHIP partners brought together their up to date research results with policy making and on-going works to be discussed with all attendees. All feedbacks, opinions and comments are taken into account and integrated into the next policy brief.

You can access all the materials from the sessions at the following link.



Session I: FLAGSHIP scenarios & storylines

Smart, sustainable and inclusive growth: good enough? (Session I)

Meta-models as tools for strategic scenario building (session I)

Session II: From exploratory results for a BAU scenario to policy proposal to FLAGSHIP scenarios

European economic prospects and some proposals for alternative scenarios (session II)

The important of investor behaviour in the transition to a resource efficient future (session II)

Session III: Transforming research results into policies

Anticipatory VS reactive approach: Designing policies to shape the future (session III)

How to conceive policy responses for the European G.S.C: the case of knowledge based policies by Paul Zagame (SEURECO)



Find all pictures from the workshop at Photo gallery.

Ultimate 4th FLAGSHIP workshop Agenda – March 19, 2015


Less than 2 weeks from now for the 4th FLAGSHIP workshop (Economic, social and environmental challenges: modelling policies)’) to be held on March 19th!

Hosted by the EU Representation of Lower-Saxony in Brussels, the last FLAGSHIP workshop in its series (agenda) will take place back to back with the DESIRE (March 17) and EMInInn (March 18) final conference.

Information Package

Find here the information package for the participants.

Official Hasgtag: #FLAGSHIP4 (You can also use #Policies #Foresight)

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See you very soon in Brussels!

Coming up next: the 4th FLAGSHIP Workshop in Brussels

The FLAGSHIP workshop series stops in Brussels, on March 19th . The workshop with the title of ‘Economic, social and environmental challenges: modelling policies’ will be held at the EU Representation of Lower-Saxony, Rue Montoyer 61, in Brussels, Belgium, back to back with DESIRE workshop and EMInInn final conference respectively the 17th and the 18th of March.

The FLAGSHIP workshop will include the following three sessions:

i.        FLAGSHIP scenarios and storylines
ii.       From exploratory results for a BAU scenario to policy proposals to FLAGSHIP scenarios
iii.      FLAGSHIP transforming research results into policies

Each session will have a dedicate time for question and debate. Find here the workshop agenda.

Registration is free of charge but requested. Please register here.

If you already missed the 3rd FLAGSHIP workshop in Bilbao, you surely do not want to miss this one!

For any further information on the FLAGSHIP 4th workshop, please contact us.


Missed the FLAGSHIP webinar?

Our first webinar took place on December 5: you can watch the recording on our YouTube channel and learn more on the future storylines we are developing. Send you feedback and comments at [email protected]

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