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European Union

EU The gateway to the European Union
EC The European Commission
EU Central Library European Commission Central Library
FP7 The 7th Framework Programme for Research and Development
CORDIS The gateway to European research and development
DG RESEARCH (RTD) Directorate General for Research and Innovation
HORIZON 2020 The Framework Programme for Research and Innovation
Participant portal The European portal for electronic administration of EU FP7 projects (including FP7 call for proposals)
Publications Office Publications Office of the European Union
ERA European Research Area

Main current and previous initiatives in the field

PACT PACT Project – Public perception of security and privacy (EU FP7 funded, 2012-2015)
WWWforEurope WWWforEurope Project – Welfare, Wealth and Work for Europe (EU FP7 funded, 2012-2016)
COCOPS COCOPS Project – Coordinating for cohesion in the public sector of the future (EU FP7 funded, 2011-2014)
COMPASS COMPASS Project – Optimised CO-Modal PASSenger Transport for Reducing Carbon Emissions (EU FP7 funded, 2011-2013)
CROSSOVER CROSSOVER Project – Bridging communities for policy making 2.0 (EU FP7 funded, 2011-2013)
FLASH-IT FLASH-IT Project – FaciLitating Access to Socio-economic ResearcH through Information and Communications Technologies (EU FP7 funded, 2011-2013)
MEDPRO MEDPRO Project – Prospective analysis for the Mediterranean region  (EU FP7 funded, 2010-2013)
SPREAD SPREAD Project – Sustainable Lifestyles 2050 (EU FP7 funded, 2011-2012)
PASHMINA PASHMINA Project – Paradigm shifts modeling and innovative approaches (EU FP7 funded, 2009-2012)
EFP European Foresight Platform – Supporting forward looking decision making (EU FP7 funded, 2009-2012)
PARADISO PARADISO Project – Internet for the future (EU FP7 funded, 2008-2011)