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Reference document

The main and final objective of the FLAGSHIP project is to produce, as a result of the forward looking exercise, a set of EU-relevant policy recommendations on the potential of  transition and change for the future of the EU.

The FLAGSHIP project will thus elaborate a Reference Document summarizing project approach and outcomes and presenting a list of key recommendations, namely:

  1. EU policy responses to trends and tensions provoked by global economic, social and environmental changes, highlighting transition challenges;
  2. Emerging issues and implications for the EU Research and Innovation policies;
  3. The potential role of Europe in shaping global governance, the new territorial dynamics within Europe and the related impacts on public and private stakeholders.

Preliminary project results will be presented and discussed at FLAGSHIP 4th Workshop, which is expected to take place in September 2015. Based on the outcomes of the 4th Workshop, a first version of the FLAGSHIP Reference Document will be then elaborated, made available on the project website and circulated in the FLAGSHIP stakeholder community to be amended and as appropriate and validated. Draft and final versions of this document will be made available in this section of the project website and the final version of the FLAGSHIP Reference Document will be presented at the project final event in Brussels in November 2015.