Project overview

FLAGSHIP is an FP7 project, funded by the European Commission (DG RESEARCH) under the “Socio-Economic Sciences and Humanities” theme, with the aim of developing a “Forward Looking Analysis of Grand Societal Challenges and Innovative Policies”.

The FLAGSHIP project thus aims at driving change, supporting the policy shift from adapting to changes through short-term policy responses, towards anticipating, welcoming and managing changes properly.

The FLAGSHIP project brings together a multidisciplinary team with recognized records of excellence in qualitative, as well as in quantitative forward-looking analysis. FLAGSHIP partners have substantially contributed, individually and collectively, to previous advancements in the field of forward looking analysis and are therefore fully committed to “put FLA knowledge to work”, applying it to the formulation of policies that effectively address main challenges faced by the EU, and the world as a whole. The project is also supported by a Scientific Advisory Board comprised of experts in policy analysis in the fields of economy, climate change, international governance and science and technology innovation.


FLAGSHIP objectives:

  • Take stock, assess and analyze the state-of-art of Forward Looking Analysis (FLA) methodologies;
  • Develop innovative FLA quantitative and qualitative tools, methods and models;
  • Apply and combine these enhanced tools and methods in a coherent framework to support European policies addressing grand societal challenges, namely the environmental, social and economic and governance challenges.


FLAGSHIP expected impacts:

  • Development of policy applications, through the production of a set of concrete policy recommendations for European institutions, and all stakeholders striving to exploit the potential of transition and change for the future of the European Union;
  • Enhancement of FLA methodological approaches, through the development of an enhanced set of FLA quantitative and qualitative tools, methods and models.



Project Acronym


Full official name

Forward Looking Analysis of Grand Societal challenges and Innovative Policies

Grant Agreement


Funding Scheme

Collaborative Project (CP)


7th Framework Programme (FP7)


Socio-Economic Sciences and Humanities

Thematic area

Wide socioeconomic foresight on key challenges

Call identifier



36 months (January 2013 – December 2015)

EC Project Officer

Mr. Domenico Rossetti di Valdalbero (DG RESEARCH)


Mr. Andrea Ricci, ISIS, Italy

Partnership (16 partners)

ISIS (Italy), OEAW-VID (Austria), BC3 (Spain), SIGMA (France), CEPS (Belgium), HiiL (The Netherlands), CDS (Bulgaria), ICS-UL (Portugal), KNAW-NIDI (The Netherlands), MCRIT (Spain), OME (France), S4S (Luxembourg), SEIT (Estonia), SEURECO (France), SAN (Poland), TNO (The Netherlands)