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SmartFIRE Tutorial at FGRE 2015 - Ghent, 7 July 2015

SmartFIRE partners hosted a tutorial at the 2nd Fed4FIRE-GENI Research Experiment Summit (FGRE 2015) which was held July 6-10, 2015 in Ghent, Belgium,

During this event providing participants opportunities to learn and use the various resources and tools available in Fed4FIRE and GENI environment, the SmartFIRE team offered a tutorial on “How to run experiments using European and Korean testbeds”.

The objective of the SmartFIRE tutorial provided participants with the necessary knowledge and hands-on experience in navigating the SmartFIRE portal and deploying experiments on both European and Korean platforms. Attendees were be able to create an account on the SmartFIRE portal, join a project, create a slice, reserve resources and perform experiments on various European and Korean testbeds including the GAIA testbed, the SNU testbed and the NITOS testbed.

The tutorial gathered students and experimenters interested in discovering the SmartFIRE testbeds and platform advanced features (especially regarding SDN and Wireless).

For more information on the 2nd Fed4FIRE-GENI Research Experiment Summit (FGRE 2015), please visit www.fed4fire.eu.