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SmartFIRE in a nutshell

SmartFIRE is a 26-month project funded by the European Commission through its FP7 programme. SmartFIRE successfully built a shared large-scale infrastructure, by expanding and federating existing Future Internet testbeds in Europe and South Korea.

The new infrastructure promotes joint experimentation among European and South Korean experimenters, encouraging them to conceive and implement innovative protocols, able to take advantage of the current leading network technologies including SDN, wireless and Cloud.


SmartFIRE’s objectives can be summarized into the following:

Create a common and unified way of experimenting with a large-scale experimental facility, enabling networking experimentation and distributed applications, incorporating SDN research that is primarily conducted by the South Korean Partners, and wireless networking experimentation that is carried out by the European Partners.
• Federate the European and the South Korean infrastructures, in order to allow large-scale experimentation by including resources from both sides in a single experiment instance.
• Demonstrate the potential of the federated facility, by conducting large-scale experiments that will promote the Future Internet research field, on top of the federated facilities.
• Enhance the collaboration and exchange of know-how between the two consortia.

Key facts

Project Acronym SmartFIRE
Full title Enabling SDN Experimentation in Wireless Testbeds exploiting Future Internet Infrastructures in South Korea and Europe
Grant Agreement 611165
Funding Scheme Collaborative Project (CP)
Programme 7th Framework Programme (FP7)
Duration 26 months (01/11/2013 - 31/12/2015)
Project funding € 0.5 M
Call identifier FP7-ICT-2013-10
Theme Information and Communication Technologies
Thematic area Future Internet Research Experimentation (FIRE), DG CONNECT, Unit E.4

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