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SmartFIRE announces excellent final project results!

SmartFIRE announces excellent final project results!

The SmartFIRE project, funded under the 7th EU Framework Programme, ended on December 31, 2015, and is now pleased to share its major final outcomes.

Over the course of the past 26 months, the SmartFIRE project successfully built a shared large-scale infrastructure, by expanding and federating existing Future Internet testbeds in Europe and South Korea. The new infrastructure promotes joint experimentation among European and South Korean experimenters, encouraging them to conceive and implement innovative protocols, able to take advantage of the current leading network technologies including SDN, wireless and Cloud.

Foremost, SmartFIRE is proud to announce that the SmartFIRE platform (http://portal.eukorea-fire.eu) is online and running, being the first intercontinental testbed, spanning 8 testbeds in South Korea and Europe. The following technical developments have led there:

  • DEPLOYMENT OF OPEN FLOW SWITCHES & LINUX BOXES on the European and South Korean project testbeds
  • IMPLEMENTATION OF BACKPRESSURE BASED SCHEMES for multicast/unicast streaming over wireless mesh networks, using the OMF6 Resource Controller for Click Modular Router
  • INSTALLATION OF OMF6 on the project testbeds (except for the South Korean [email protected] and KREONET-Emulab testbeds, both keeping their frameworks)
  • EXTENSION OF OMF6 to support experimentation with the widely used Open vSwitch, CCNx and Click Modular Router software
  • ENHANCEMENT OF THE MOFI FRAMEWORK for experimentation on wireless connectivity aspects related to the devices mobility (handover, etc.)
  • DEPLOYMENT OF THE ICN-OMF FRAMEWORK for experimentation on content-based and wireless networking
  • DEPLOYMENT OF DEMONSTRATIONS illustrating the functionality to be provided by the SmartFIRE platform
  • PHYSICAL INTERCONNECTION ESTABLISHED between all European and South Korean testbeds through the GEANT and the KREONET/KOREN networks
  • RELEASE OF THE FINAL VERSION OF THE SMARTFIRE PORTAL providing access to the resources of all SmartFIRE testbeds


In addition to that, the project partners disseminated the potential of the federated facility at project and external events and in the form of publications to a large scientific and industry audience:

  • ORGANISATION OF A FORUM IN SEOUL in October 2014 to present the project testbeds cooperation plan and progress and discuss lessons learnt from related Future Internet testbeds success stories
  • ORGANISATION OF AN EXHIBITION AT ICT2015 providing technical details about the testbeds to visitors and demonstrating two scenarios running on the SmartFIRE facility
  • ORGANISATION OF A TUTORIAL AT THE 2ND FED4FIRE-GENI RESEARCH EXPERIMENT SUMMIT (FGRE 2015) in Ghent with 12 external participants, including students and industry experts
  • SCIENTIFIC PAPER PUBLICATIONS of innovative schemes and experimentation frameworks in top quality conferences and journals (e.g. INFOCOM, TNET, etc.)



Finally, SmartFIRE explored ways to support the project’s sustainability after the project’s end by:

  • SIGNING OF A MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING (MOU) to keep the testbeds in open access mode, to further accept incoming requests of experimenters, and to provide limited, best effort support
  • MOVING FUNCTIONALITY INTO A FEDERATION OF TESTBEDS explored by some partners running testbeds
  • CONTINUING TO ATTRACT new experimenters, knowledge gains, research experience and facility improvements


The SmartFIRE consortium would like to thank all project stakeholders for their valuable inputs and support during the whole project lifetime.