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The platform

SmartFIRE is an intercontinental multi-domain and multi-layer experimental platform developed by the SmartFIRE project to provide experimentation services with resources from various technological networking fields including SDN, wireless and Cloud.

SmartFIRE is the first intercontinental testbed, spanning 8 small-scale testbeds in South Korea and Europe.

It exploits the building blocks of an OpenFlow-based infrastructure, wireless and cloud resources in order to construct an experimental federated testbed for researchers. The control and management of SmartFIRE is able to allow authorized and authenticated experimenters to allocate resources, run experiments and collect measurements in a given facility and across heterogeneous facilities.

SmartFIRE adheres to ongoing parallel processes for improving the state-of-the-art cOntrol and Management Framework (OMF), exploiting the experience and the feedback of its usage and improving its deployment in previous testbeds.

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