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We have proudly worked for or with them in the past years.

Sigma Orionis' clients are manufacturers and service companies of all sizes (ranging from SMEs to large corporations), industrial groups, research laboratories, and local, national, or international institutions. We are very proud to have a client list including many of the leading companies and institutions worldwide specializing in the ICT sector and to have established a lasting relationship with most of them, based on mutual confidence and respect. We are particularly happy to have actively contributed to some notable success stories, for which the objectives of our mission have been fully achieved or even exceeded and which have been true rewards for the efforts of our project teams. Some of these references are protected by Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and so cannot be listed below. The following list contains two recent references chosen for each of our services. To obtain a more detailed list of our references, please contact us or regularly visit the newsroom section of this website.

Technology and market research

Advanced customer interfaces - For 3 years, Sigma Orionis has made an important contribution to a leading European service company intending to position itself as a leading stakeholder in the field of advanced ICT-based customer interfaces: the mission entrusted to Sigma Orionis has included the development of a powerful watch system (including weekly summaries), analysis of competitor company positioning and possible business models, a series of specialized "flash reports" on "hot topics" (identified in real time), the preparation of periodical status reports, etc.

Markets for connected homes - Over the 2004-2006 period, Sigma Orionis produced a detailed report on connected home markets worldwide as part of the "TEAHA" EU-funded research project, based in particular on input from its internal watch tool. The report addressed all technological, standardization, regulatory and market aspects relating to connected homes and was complemented after its completion by focus studies on connected home markets in Asia (particularly in China).

European programmes and projects

Evaluation, reviewing and training - The European Commission often asks Sigma Orionis senior staff to evaluate proposals submitted in response to a call or review EU-funded projects, allowing Sigma Orionis to benefit from useful experience of what's happening "behind the curtain". Furthermore, the company often organizes, in Europe or abroad, training seminars as part of of EU-funded support actions, aimed at sharing information with companies and organizations interested in EU-funded projects ("How to be involved in successful EU-funded projects").

Involvement in EU-funded projects - In recent years, Sigma Orionis has been involved in many EU-funded projects, notably those supported by the European Commission as part of the FP6 and FP7 research funding programs (ICT theme). Projects in which Sigma Orionis is involved as a coordinator or partner include: PARADISO, 4NEM, TEAHA, CATER, ASK-IT, BEYWATCH, PULSERS II, OPERA and projects addressing international cooperation: CHINACOOP, COJAK, GAPFILL, SEACOOP, START, EUROAFRICA-ICT, SALA+, etc. Access a detailed list of recent references here.

Cooperation and business events

Net-atHome™ - The annual Net-atHome™ conference and exhibition (re-christened ICT for sustainable homes in 2009), which Sigma Orionis has organized since 1997 (under its brand name Homega Reseach), has become the leading worldwide event in the field of connected homes, drawing over 200 delegates from all over the world to meet, network, and exchange views on technology and market developments relating to home networks and gateways, value added services to the home, specialized concepts such as the extended home, the Internet of objects in the home, ICT for the green house, ambient assisted living, etc.

EU-funded cooperation events - In recent years, Sigma Orionis has organized - as part of support actions funded by the European Commission - many conferences and exhibitions aiming at strengthening cooperation on ICT research between Europe and other regions of the world. These have included the “2002 EuroChina Conference and Exhibition” (Beijing, P.R. China - 7000 visitors), workshops in sub-Saharan Africa, conferences and workshops in Southeast Asia, major cooperation events in Japan and South Korea, and many more in Europe.

Back office of associations and alliances

The PLCforum Association - From 2001 to 2007, Sigma Orionis took care of the back office operations of the PLCforum Association, the leading worldwide industrial group specializing in powerline technologies (broadband access through utility networks and networking within the home). Provided services included administrative and financial management, organization of periodical meetings, meeting secretariat (moderation of parts of the meetings, reporting, etc.), management of the Association's website and its promotion activities, etc.

EU-funded groups - In recent years, Sigma Orionis had the opportunity to ensure the back office operations of various groupings formed at the initiative or with the support of the European Commission: the “EU-China Working Group on Digital Olympics” (2003-2007), “EuroAfrica-ICT Concertation Meeting”s (2006+), Concertation Meetings on “Home Networks and Gateways” (2004-2006), etc. The missions entrusted to Sigma Orionis included providing support to policy dialogues, meeting moderation and secretariat, evaluation and advice on ways forward, etc.


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