SIGMAORIONIS Sigma Orionis - Highlights News and highlights from SIGMA ORIONIS en Thu, 01 Jan 1970 01:33:32 +0100 60 Southeast Asia: final SEALING review meeting highlights.php?newsid='121#news_121 highlights.php?newsid='121#news_121 Since 2004, Sigma Orionis has coordinated several EU-funded projects aiming at strengthening cooperation ... 2012-02-01 Kick-off meeting of the Euroafrica-P8 project highlights.php?newsid='120#news_120 highlights.php?newsid='120#news_120 Sigma Orionis organizes today and tomorrow in Nice, France, the kick-off meeting of the EuroAfrica-P8 ... 2012-01-26 Sigma Orionis will support TEIN3 developments in Southeast Asia highlights.php?newsid='119#news_119 highlights.php?newsid='119#news_119 Sigma Orionis has just been selected by DANTE following a RFP aimed to support the efforts of DANTE’s ... 2012-01-14 The 2012 NEM Summit to be held in Istanbul on October 15-19 highlights.php?newsid='118#news_118 highlights.php?newsid='118#news_118 Sigma Orionis and the NEM European Technology Platform are very pleased to announce that the next NEM ... 2012-01-12 Sigma Orionis will contribute strengthening links with China highlights.php?newsid='117#news_117 highlights.php?newsid='117#news_117 Sigma Orionis is proud to announce today its involvement in the OpenChina-ICT project, coordinated by ... 2012-01-01 Launch of the “Internet Science” Network of Excellence highlights.php?newsid='116#news_116 highlights.php?newsid='116#news_116 Sigma Orionis is very pleased to announce today its involvement as a full partner in the EINS FP7 Network ... 2011-12-21 The 1st annual event of the PARADISO Foundation held today in Brussels highlights.php?newsid='115#news_115 highlights.php?newsid='115#news_115 Sigma Orionis, a founding member of The PARADISO Foundation, is very pleased to announce that the 1st ... 2011-12-15 Sigma Orionis will bring technical assistance to EU-ASEAN cooperation highlights.php?newsid='114#news_114 highlights.php?newsid='114#news_114 Karine Valin, Managing Director of Sigma Orionis, will be part of the team of key experts who will provide, ... 2011-12-10 Roger Torrenti elected at the Board of the Net!Works ETP highlights.php?newsid='112#news_112 highlights.php?newsid='112#news_112 Roger Torrenti, CEO of Sigma Orionis, has been elected at the Steering Board (SB) of the Net!Works European ... 2011-12-05 Sigma Orionis will help NAIST reinforcing cooperation links with Europe highlights.php?newsid='113#news_113 highlights.php?newsid='113#news_113 Sigma Orionis is very proud to announce that an agreement has been signed with the Nara Institute of ... 2011-12-03 The EURASIAPAC Final Workshop successfully organized in Brussels highlights.php?newsid='110#news_110 highlights.php?newsid='110#news_110 The EURASIAPAC Final Workshop has been successfully held on November 30, 2011 in Brussels, Belgium, ... 2011-11-30 4th EuroAfrica-ICT Cooperation Forum on ICT Research successfully held in Cape Town, South Africa highlights.php?newsid='104#news_104 highlights.php?newsid='104#news_104 The 4th Euro-Africa Cooperation Forum on ICT Research took place on November 14-15, 2011 at the Cape ... 2011-11-14 Sigma Orionis participated in the 1st PAERIP workshop highlights.php?newsid='107#news_107 highlights.php?newsid='107#news_107 The 1st PAERIP Workshop, organised by the Department of Science and Technology (DST) of South Africa ... 2011-11-11 ICT for Sustainable Homes 2011 - Event report available highlights.php?newsid='108#news_108 highlights.php?newsid='108#news_108 Sigma Orionis and the BeyWatch project have organised their third international conference and exhibition, ... 2011-11-10 The 6th SEACOOP cooperation forum successfully held in Yangon highlights.php?newsid='109#news_109 highlights.php?newsid='109#news_109 This event was organised under the aegis of the European Commission and the ASEAN Secretariat with the ... 2011-10-25 Sigma Orionis involved in the NEM Summit 2011 (Sept. 27-29, 2011, Torino) highlights.php?newsid='106#news_106 highlights.php?newsid='106#news_106 Sigma Orionis was among the 50 exhibitors gathered at the occasion of the 4th edition of the NEM Summit. The ... 2011-10-13 Sigma Orionis' contribution to a European IoS collaboration meeting highlights.php?newsid='105#news_105 highlights.php?newsid='105#news_105 Sigma Orionis has contributed today to the technical collaboration meeting organized by the European ... 2011-09-29 The 2011 NEM Summit moves to Torino highlights.php?newsid='94#news_94 highlights.php?newsid='94#news_94 Sigma Orionis, member of the NEM Executive Group and co-Chair of the NEM Summit Organising Committee ... 2011-09-27 Register for the PARADISO Conference highlights.php?newsid='99#news_99 highlights.php?newsid='99#news_99 The PARADISO initiative (coordinated by Sigma Orionis and involving the Club of Rome) organizes on September ... 2011-09-07 9th EuroAfrica-ICT Concertation Meeting (June 6, 2011) highlights.php?newsid='100#news_100 highlights.php?newsid='100#news_100 The 9th EuroAfrica-ICT Concertation Meeting, organised by the CSIR– Meraka Institute with the support ... 2011-06-06 Sigma will participate in ICT Proposer’s Day 2011 in Budapest highlights.php?newsid='98#news_98 highlights.php?newsid='98#news_98 Sigma Orionis will actively participate in the ICT Proposer’s Day, planned for May 19-20, 2011 in Budapest ... 2011-05-19 A series of SEACOOP events successfully held in Vietnam and Cambodia highlights.php?newsid='96#news_96 highlights.php?newsid='96#news_96 During the first week of April 2011 a series of two Cooperation events held in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) ... 2011-04-22 Promising outputs of a series of Asia-Pacific Workshops – February, March 2011 highlights.php?newsid='97#news_97 highlights.php?newsid='97#news_97 During the last weeks a series of three Cooperation events held in Australia, New Zealand and South ... 2011-04-22 15th Regional EuroAfrica-ICT FP7 Awareness Workshop highlights.php?newsid='92#news_92 highlights.php?newsid='92#news_92 Awareness Workshops are regularly organised by the EuroAfrica-ICT project to raise awareness on FP7/ICT ... 2011-04-06 ACCESS4EU:NZ consortium meeting highlights.php?newsid='95#news_95 highlights.php?newsid='95#news_95 Sigma Orionis took part in the ACCESS4EU:NZ consortium meeting, held last March in Wellington, New Zealand ... 2011-03-25 2010 Euro-Africa Week on ICT Research and e-Infrastructures – Report highlights.php?newsid='93#news_93 highlights.php?newsid='93#news_93 Bringing together around 325 attendees coming from 55 different countries over Europe and Africa, the ... 2011-02-17 Next series of SEACOOP Cooperation events to be held in April 2011 in Vietnam and Cambodia highlights.php?newsid='90#news_90 highlights.php?newsid='90#news_90 The SEACOOP initiative (coordinated by Sigma-Orionis) is pleased to announce the next series of events ... 2011-02-15 Next series of Asia-Pacific cooperation events to be held in February and March 2011 highlights.php?newsid='91#news_91 highlights.php?newsid='91#news_91 The EURASIAPAC initiative, of which Sigma is a project partner, is pleased to announce a series of four ... 2011-02-15 2010 Euro-Africa Week on ICT research & e-Infrastructures (Dec. 6-10, 2010 - Helsinki, Finland) highlights.php?newsid='77#news_77 highlights.php?newsid='77#news_77 EuroAfrica-ICT is an EU/FP7 project spanning over 24 months (2010-2011) with the aim of strengthening ... 2010-12-07 Euro Asia-Pacific Cooperation Forum on ICT research highlights.php?newsid='82#news_82 highlights.php?newsid='82#news_82 Sigma Orionis (which is project partner) is very proud to be a partner of the EURASIAPAC project, aiming ... 2010-10-26 Launch of a new global art movement based on web 2.0 at the NEM Summit Barcelona - October 14, 2010 highlights.php?newsid='89#news_89 highlights.php?newsid='89#news_89 During the opening session of the 2010 NEM Summit, held this morning at the Hesperia Tower Hotel in ... 2010-10-14 Strong involvement of Sigma Orionis in the ICT2010 event highlights.php?newsid='80#news_80 highlights.php?newsid='80#news_80 ICT 2010 (Brussels, Sept. 27-29, 2010) is Europe’s most visible forum for ICT research and innovation. ... 2010-09-20 Towards a successful 3rd edition of the NEM Summit highlights.php?newsid='86#news_86 highlights.php?newsid='86#news_86 Sigma Orionis, a permanent member of the NEM Executive Group in charge of the organisation of the annual ... 2010-09-17 SEACOOP activities during the ‘ICT event 2010’ week in Brussels highlights.php?newsid='81#news_81 highlights.php?newsid='81#news_81 This biennial event (co-hosted in 2010 by the European Commission and the Belgian Presidency of the ... 2010-09-14 ICT for sustainable homes 2010 – get involved now! highlights.php?newsid='87#news_87 highlights.php?newsid='87#news_87 Sigma Orionis is very pleased to invite all players involved in the field of ICT applied to products ... 2010-09-06 The PARADISO workshop to take place on Nov. 23 in Brussels highlights.php?newsid='84#news_84 highlights.php?newsid='84#news_84 Open events are regularly organized in the framework of the PARADISO initiative (coordinated by Sigma ... 2010-09-02 The PARADISO Foundation has been founded today highlights.php?newsid='83#news_83 highlights.php?newsid='83#news_83 The PARADISO Foundation has been founded today in Brussels, as a “private foundation” under the Belgian ... 2010-09-01 The 8th EuroAfrica-ICT Concertation Meeting successfully took place in Brussels (June 23, 2010) highlights.php?newsid='79#news_79 highlights.php?newsid='79#news_79 The 8th EuroAfrica-ICT Concertation Meeting, organised by the European Commission (DG INFSO, International ... 2010-07-21 EU-China dialogue: the Future Internet highlights.php?newsid='85#news_85 highlights.php?newsid='85#news_85 Roger Torrenti, CEO of Sigma Orionis, PARADISO coordinator will be one of the four European experts ... 2010-07-15 Sigma Orionis brings European and NZ ICT researchers together highlights.php?newsid='73#news_73 highlights.php?newsid='73#news_73 There is a long history of cooperation between researchers from Europe and NZ. A survey by the NZ Ministry ... 2010-04-26 ICT 2010 (Brussels, Sept. 27-29, 2010) – Meet EuroAfrica-ICT & eI-africa there! highlights.php?newsid='78#news_78 highlights.php?newsid='78#news_78 ICT 2010 (Brussels, Belgium - Sept. 27-29, 2010) is Europe’s most visible forum for ICT research and ... 2010-03-24 Beywatch receives “the best ICT4EE project” award highlights.php?newsid='72#news_72 highlights.php?newsid='72#news_72 Sigma Orionis is very proud to be a partner of the BeyWatch project supported by the European Commission ... 2010-02-23 2nd EuroAfrica-ICT Forum edition – Much to learn and many voices to hear! highlights.php?newsid='71#news_71 highlights.php?newsid='71#news_71 The 2nd “Euro-Africa Cooperation Forum on ICT Research” organised by the FP7 EuroAfrica-ICT EU-funded ... 2010-02-05 Final review of the CATER project highlights.php?newsid='70#news_70 highlights.php?newsid='70#news_70 The final review of the CATER project, supported by the European Commission under the FP6 research funding ... 2010-01-21 Official launch of the new EuroAfrica-ICT website! highlights.php?newsid='76#news_76 highlights.php?newsid='76#news_76 The FP7/ICT initiative is an European project spanning over 24 months (2010-2011) ... 2010-01-15 A new phase of the SEACOOP project has started today highlights.php?newsid='68#news_68 highlights.php?newsid='68#news_68 A new phase of the “SEACOOP initiative” in the framework of which the activities introduced on the ... 2010-01-01 The next phase of the EuroAfrica-ICT initiative is officially launched today highlights.php?newsid='75#news_75 highlights.php?newsid='75#news_75 The EuroAfrica-ICT initiative aims at supporting the development of policy dialogues and at strengthening ... 2010-01-01 SEACOOP contributes to an ASEM workshop in Kuala Lumpur highlights.php?newsid='67#news_67 highlights.php?newsid='67#news_67 ASEM (Asia-Europe Meeting) is a multilateral Forum aiming at reinforcing dialogue between Asian and ... 2009-12-02 2010 Euro-Africa Cooperation Forum on ICT Research (February 4, 2010) highlights.php?newsid='59#news_59 highlights.php?newsid='59#news_59 The “2nd Euro-Africa Cooperation Forum on ICT Research” (Learning and Reflecting on ICT Collaborative ... 2009-10-22 The eI-Africa EU/FP7 project is now ready for implementation! highlights.php?newsid='74#news_74 highlights.php?newsid='74#news_74 eI-Africa is an EU FP7 project spanning over 18 months (Oct. 2009 - March 2011) with the aim of strengthening ... 2009-10-01 International cooperation highlighted at the 2009 NEM Summit highlights.php?newsid='66#news_66 highlights.php?newsid='66#news_66 The 2009 edition of the Summit of the NEM (Networked Electronic Media) European Technology Platform ... 2009-09-30 The agenda for the ICT for sustainable homes conference is available highlights.php?newsid='64#news_64 highlights.php?newsid='64#news_64 Sigma Orionis and the BeyWatch project, are very pleased to announce the availability of the draft agenda ... 2009-09-03 Towards a successful 2009 NEM Summit highlights.php?newsid='63#news_63 highlights.php?newsid='63#news_63 Organized by Sigma Orionis in the framework of the NEM European Technology Platform under the aegis ... 2009-08-28 The preparation of the 7th EC EuroAfrica-ICT Concertation Meeting definitely on the right track! (Oct. 1, 2009 - Brussels, Belgium) highlights.php?newsid='62#news_62 highlights.php?newsid='62#news_62 The EuroAfrica-ICT Project (supported by the EC DG INFSO and coordinated by Sigma Orionis) aims at enhancing ... 2009-07-22 The 2nd EU-Japan Cooperation Forum successfully held in Brussels highlights.php?newsid='61#news_61 highlights.php?newsid='61#news_61 The 2nd EU-Japan ICT Cooperation Forum on ICT Research successfully took place today at the Radisson ... 2009-07-02 EDELIA’s CEO Martine Gouriet to keynote ICT for sustainable homes highlights.php?newsid='60#news_60 highlights.php?newsid='60#news_60 Sigma Orionis and the BeyWatch project, are very pleased to announce that Martine Gouriet, CEO of EDELIA ... 2009-06-29 Successful cooperation events organised in Tokyo and Daejeon highlights.php?newsid='57#news_57 highlights.php?newsid='57#news_57 Two cooperation events have been successfully organised in Tokyo on June 18, and in Daejeon (Korea) ... 2009-06-23 OECD Global Project: Sigma Orionis becomes Associate highlights.php?newsid='56#news_56 highlights.php?newsid='56#news_56 Sigma Orionis is happy to announce that the Board of the OECD Global Project on Measuring the Progress ... 2009-05-22 From Net-atHome to ICT for sustainable homes highlights.php?newsid='54#news_54 highlights.php?newsid='54#news_54 Sigma Orionis is very happy to announce that from 2009 on, its 'ICT for sustainable homes' event will ... 2009-05-12 Sigma Orionis celebrates its 25th anniversary highlights.php?newsid='55#news_55 highlights.php?newsid='55#news_55 Sigma Orionis has started its operations on May 1, 1984 (under the name Sigma Consultants), i.e. twenty-five ... 2009-05-01 The 2nd EU-Japan Cooperation Forum to be held on July 2, 2009 highlights.php?newsid='53#news_53 highlights.php?newsid='53#news_53 The 2nd 'EU-Japan Cooperation Forum on ICT research', organised under the aegis of the European Commission ... 2009-04-25 Date and venue announced for the 1st BeyWatch workshop highlights.php?newsid='52#news_52 highlights.php?newsid='52#news_52 The BeyWatch project, a European initiative aiming at developing an energy-aware and user-centric solution, ... 2009-04-02 The SEACOOP project formally closes today highlights.php?newsid='51#news_51 highlights.php?newsid='51#news_51 The SEACOOP project FP7 project coordinated by Sigma Orionis, formally closes today. However, the SEACOOP ... 2009-03-31 A very promising '1st Euro-Africa Cooperation Forum on ICT Research' to be held on March 25-26, 2009 in Brussels highlights.php?newsid='50#news_50 highlights.php?newsid='50#news_50 The '1st Euro-Africa Cooperation Forum on ICT Research' (organised by the European Commission and the ... 2009-02-25 Creation of the EU-SEA ICT cooperation network highlights.php?newsid='49#news_49 highlights.php?newsid='49#news_49 The partners of the SEACOOP EU/FP7 project (coordinated by Sigma Orionis) have decided today to create ... 2009-02-04 An important milestone but only a first step... highlights.php?newsid='46#news_46 highlights.php?newsid='46#news_46 The 'ICT for a global sustainable future' conference, organised under the aegis of the European Commission ... 2009-01-23 Anouncement: 1st Euro-Africa Cooperation Forum on ICT Research highlights.php?newsid='47#news_47 highlights.php?newsid='47#news_47 For the first time in Europe, sub-Saharan African and European policy-makers and research organisations ... 2009-01-16 6th EuroAfriCa-ICT Concertation Meeting held at the European Commission highlights.php?newsid='1#news_1 highlights.php?newsid='1#news_1 The EuroAfriCa-ICT project, coordinated by Sigma Orionis, held a successful 6th information and exchange ... 2008-12-11 2nd EU-Korea ICT Cooperation Seminar between European and Korean key stakeholders in the ICT field highlights.php?newsid='38#news_38 highlights.php?newsid='38#news_38 The "2nd EU-Korea ICT Cooperation Seminar" was organized in the continuity of the "2nd ... 2008-12-04 2nd EU-Korea Cooperation Forum on ICT Research again a considerable success! highlights.php?newsid='39#news_39 highlights.php?newsid='39#news_39 The "2nd EU-Korea Cooperation Forum on ICT Research" was successfully held last week on ... 2008-12-03 The BeyWatch EU project officially launched today highlights.php?newsid='48#news_48 highlights.php?newsid='48#news_48 The BeyWatch EU project, a European initiative aiming at developing an energy-aware and user-centric ... 2008-12-01 Sigma Orionis widely represented at the ICT 2008 event - Europe's biggest ICT event highlights.php?newsid='6#news_6 highlights.php?newsid='6#news_6 Europe's biggest ICT event, ICT 2008 (4,400 attendees), opened its door on last Tuesday in Lyon (France). ... 2008-11-29 The CATER car configurator showcased at the ICT event in Lyon highlights.php?newsid='7#news_7 highlights.php?newsid='7#news_7 The CATER Project, a European initiative in which Sigma Orionis is a partner, aiming at networked business ... 2008-11-28 CATER announces its final Workshop on Mass Customization of Vehicles highlights.php?newsid='8#news_8 highlights.php?newsid='8#news_8 The CATER Consortium, a key initiative aiming at networked business and mass customization in the ... 2008-11-17 Sigma Orionis partners with Club of Rome and coordinates the EU-funded PARADISO project highlights.php?newsid='9#news_9 highlights.php?newsid='9#news_9 Sigma Orionis coordinates the PARADISO project, supported by the DG Information Society and Media (DG ... 2008-11-14 EU-funded projects: Sigma Orionis provides guidance and support services highlights.php?newsid='10#news_10 highlights.php?newsid='10#news_10 Based on its successful involvement in EU-funded programs and projects over the last 20 years (see references), ... 2008-11-07 Sigma Consultants announces brand name change to Sigma Orionis highlights.php?newsid='11#news_11 highlights.php?newsid='11#news_11 Sigma announced today that as part of its brand strategy the names Homega Research and Orionis (used ... 2008-11-01 10th EuroAfriCa-ICT FP7 Awareness Workshop successfully held in Kampala highlights.php?newsid='12#news_12 highlights.php?newsid='12#news_12 Over 90 delegates from 13 countries in Europe, sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean participated in ... 2008-10-28 The 2008 NEM Summit: a milestone in the NEM area! highlights.php?newsid='13#news_13 highlights.php?newsid='13#news_13 The "2008 NEM Summit - Towards Future Media Internet", successfully took place last week ... 2008-10-21 PARADISO - A growing number of keynote speakers at the January Conference highlights.php?newsid='14#news_14 highlights.php?newsid='14#news_14 Is it seen as 'the right conference at the right time'? It seems so since day after day, keynote speakers ... 2008-10-20 The SEACOOP initiative - Support and guidance to FP7 proposals highlights.php?newsid='15#news_15 highlights.php?newsid='15#news_15 The SEACOOP partnership has to, and will effectively devote important efforts in the next weeks and ... 2008-10-08 A fruitful Euro-Southeast Asia cooperation forum opening promising perspectives for the short term highlights.php?newsid='16#news_16 highlights.php?newsid='16#news_16 The 2008 Euro-Southeast Asia Cooperation Forum on ICT research was successfully held yesterday and ... 2008-10-07 PARADISO contributes to the FIRE launch event in Paris highlights.php?newsid='17#news_17 highlights.php?newsid='17#news_17 The PARADISO project has been invited to contribute to the event organized by the European Commission's ... 2008-09-04 The SEACOOP project has been officially endorsed by ASEAN highlights.php?newsid='18#news_18 highlights.php?newsid='18#news_18 On the occasion of the 55th meeting of its Committee on Science and Technology (COST), held in Manila, ... 2008-08-05 Mobility for All: ASK-IT final conference successfully held in Nuremberg on June 27-28, 2008 highlights.php?newsid='19#news_19 highlights.php?newsid='19#news_19 The second International conference of ASK-IT marked the end of this EU research funded project, in ... 2008-06-30 Interactive discussions on the role of the private sector in developing ICT research cooperation with Africa highlights.php?newsid='20#news_20 highlights.php?newsid='20#news_20 Over 50 high profile participants representing both European and African countries attended the 5th ... 2008-06-28 The SEACOOP initiative - Meeting with Commissioner Reding highlights.php?newsid='21#news_21 highlights.php?newsid='21#news_21 The SEACOOP consortium had the honour and the pleasure to welcome today Ms Viviane Reding, European ... 2008-06-20 A Korea-EU cooperation ICT seminar held today in Daejeon highlights.php?newsid='40#news_40 highlights.php?newsid='40#news_40 The 1st Korea-EU Cooperation ICT workshop organized in the framework of the COJAK project, has been ... 2008-06-19 A Forum opening a new EU-Korea cooperation phase highlights.php?newsid='41#news_41 highlights.php?newsid='41#news_41 The Korea-EU Cooperation Forum on ICT was successfully held yesterday and today at the COEX (Convention ... 2008-06-17 The PARADISO international workshop successfully held in Brussels highlights.php?newsid='24#news_24 highlights.php?newsid='24#news_24 On June 12 and 13, 2008 at Beaulieu 25, the PARADISO project has organized a scientific workshop who ... 2008-06-13 The 1st EU-Japan ICT Cooperation Workshop was successfully held on May 20, 2008 in Tokyo highlights.php?newsid='42#news_42 highlights.php?newsid='42#news_42 The 1st EU-Japan ICT Cooperation Workshop in the framework of the COJAK project coordinated by Orionis ... 2008-05-27 CATER launches an online survey to capture users' feelings highlights.php?newsid='26#news_26 highlights.php?newsid='26#news_26 The CATER project, a key initiative aiming at mass customization in the automotive industry through ... 2008-05-23 The EuroJapan-ICT Community accessible online since today highlights.php?newsid='43#news_43 highlights.php?newsid='43#news_43 The newly created EuroJapan-ICT Community, that aims at efficiently and actively contributing to the ... 2008-05-13 PARADISO issues addressed during an interview on France Inter highlights.php?newsid='28#news_28 highlights.php?newsid='28#news_28 Thierry Steiner and Sandra Freeman, journalists at France Inter, a leading French radio station, have ... 2008-04-20 The CATER Market Research, aiming at assessing the potential for mass customization in the automotive field, is available highlights.php?newsid='29#news_29 highlights.php?newsid='29#news_29 The CATER Consortium, a key initiative aiming at networked business and mass customization in the ... 2008-04-14 A first step towards a "Korea-EU ICT Cooperation Center" has been undertaken highlights.php?newsid='44#news_44 highlights.php?newsid='44#news_44 Yesterday, the President of the Institute for Information Technology Advancement (IITA), Mr. Sung-Ok ... 2008-04-01 The SALA+ project officially launched today highlights.php?newsid='31#news_31 highlights.php?newsid='31#news_31 The SALA+ project, aiming at connecting Latin America and Europe through R&D cooperation in the ... 2008-03-10 A forum opening a new EU-Japan cooperation phase highlights.php?newsid='45#news_45 highlights.php?newsid='45#news_45 The "2008 EU-Japan The 2008 EU-Japan Cooperation Forum on ICT Research" was successfully ... 2008-03-05 The PARADISO project is officially launched highlights.php?newsid='33#news_33 highlights.php?newsid='33#news_33 The PARADISO project, supported by the DG Information Society and Media of the European Commission ... 2008-03-01 The 7th EuroAfrica-ICT awareness and exchange workshop attracted over 150 attendees in Lagos highlights.php?newsid='34#news_34 highlights.php?newsid='34#news_34 The Seventh Research Framework Program (FP7) and the modalities for participation were introduced to ... 2008-02-22 A SEACOOP cooperation office established in Singapore highlights.php?newsid='35#news_35 highlights.php?newsid='35#news_35 Through a Memorandum of Understanding signed between Orionis, coordinator of the SEACOOP project, ... 2008-01-03 The EuroAfriCa-ICT project is officially launched highlights.php?newsid='36#news_36 highlights.php?newsid='36#news_36 The EuroAfriCa-ICT project, Connecting the European Union and sub-Saharan Africa for ICT partnerships, ... 2008-01-01 /* au cas ou vos contenus ne sont pas en UTF-8, il est bien sur indispensable de les convertir, par exemple : '.utf8_encode($item['title']).' 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