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Terms of Use

By accessing and using this website ( you agree to the terms of use laid out on this page. In addition you agree to completely indemnify us (Sigma Orionis® owned by Advicetap Digital Inc., referred to here as Sigma Orionis) in respect to any failure on your part to agree to these terms. By continuing to access this site you are hereby accepting the below terms now and at anytime in the future.

The governing law will be that of US, the country in which this site was created and from which all services are managed.

We are happy to provide you with access to the information on this site, however in the event that a dispute arises, Sigma Orionis shall be the final judge of any dispute and our decision in any such dispute will be final.

This site contains all kinds of content that we believe to be of value to the consulting community. While the contents of this site is copyright and the property of Sigma Orionis and its owners, some of the content has been supplied by other contributors. This content, supplied by other contributors may not be copyrighted by Sigma Orionis – and as a result its creation and any problems/disputes that may arise from it will be the responsibility of the content creator and not Sigma Orionis.

While we do our best to ensure that content on this site is 100% genuine, as some of it is supplied by contributors we can and will not be held liable for any issues or problems that may arise from it. We are committed to providing the consulting community with the most relevant and useful information in the field – and as such, any concern or issue with the content on this site will be investigated by us and dealt with immediately.

If upon review we find content to be the cause of any dispute, plagiarism or other such offense we will act swiftly to remove it. However, by accessing and using this website you are agreeing not to hold the owners of Sigma Orionis responsible for any third party contribution to the site’s contents.

This site (Sigma Orionis) respects the rights of others, and prohibits the use of the referenced material for any purpose other than that for which it is intended (where such use is lawful and free of civil liability or other constraint) and in such circumstances where possession of such material may have any adverse financial, prejudicial or any other effect on any third party.

We may provide links to web pages which are not part of our website or our affiliate websites. These sites are not under our control and we can not be held responsible for the information or links on their pages. We provide external links only as a convenience. External links on any of our websites are not intended to imply our endorsement of that site but rather to provide a convenient link to other sites you may find valuable which are managed by other organizations, associations, companies or individuals.

This site is copyrighted, and all rights are reserved.

This site may not be used as a tool, resource or aid to the acquisition of unlawful or copyrighted materials or the dissemination of any such material that may, from time to time, be referenced herein.

The term “the site” applies to the site it’s owners and any other employees or partners.

Sigma Orionis® Products

The following are the terms relating to products Sigma Orionis® creates and sells through its website(s).


Product images on sales pages are representations of what the actual products will look like. We use software that allows us to show what a product will look like in 3D form. However, please note that some images shown may represent products that will be delivered in digital format and not in print, even though they may look like a physical product. If this is the case we will clearly note this. For example “Audio and bonuses are delivered digitally” means that the CD image and bonuses booklet image you see are not delivered as physical products by rather instantly in digital form.


We offer satisfaction guarantees with most of our products. We do this because we strongly believe that you will find our products to deliver value – and if you don’t we don’t want to keep your money. We rarely have to provide refunds, but if you ever are unsatisfied with a product you have purchased simply contact us within the number of days specified on that products sales page, provide your purchase details (name, date of purchase, product purchased) and return any physical products shipped to you in good and resealable condition, and a refund will be issued within 14 business days. Please note, some of our products come with guarantees based on you proving you’ve done the work. Meaning that before you can receive a refund you need to provide proof that you’ve actually tried to apply the techniques, strategies and information we provide you. We do this because we, and thousands of our students all over the world have used our information to become more successful consultants. We think you can do the same and so ask that you put in the effort for your own sake. Products sold with this guarantee will mention the guarantee on the product page. If you have and are still unsatisfied, just let us know as stated above and we’ll issue you a refund. We can not provide refunds for any products after if a refund is requested after the refund request period (the number of days you must request a refund within from the date of purchase).

Printed products and materials. If you have ordered a product or package that comes with any kind of printed material in order to receive a refund you need to send the printed material(s) you have received back to our office in good condition. Any rips, stains, highlights, etc in the materials will not allow us to issue you a refund.

Consulting. If the product or package you have purchased comes with any kind of consulting or mentorship, please note that once you have booked the consulting session you can no longer request a refund on the product you have purchased, even if it is still within the refund request period from your purchase date. This is done simply because our consulting time offered in our product packages is already heavily discounted.

Re-orders. If you have requested a refund on a product and that refund is issued, if you choose to order that same product at a later date you can no longer receive a refund on it. The refund request period is only made available for the first time you purchase a product.