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The Government’s Total Gambling Advertising Ban

Gambling is a bad habit. Frequent gamblers can become violent at any time. It is well-known that gambling takes more money from a person than he gains. Many countries have put restrictions or ban on any kind of such activity or promotion of gambling. Though some games come under different category they actually promote gambling. Some games are permitted by the government but they have a lot of restrictions to carry on.

Even though the government permits some games they are not encouraging wrong promotions of them. Some countries implement banning all gambling ads whereas some governments put gambling advertising restrictions.

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Government’s stand on gambling:-

We need to understand why direct or indirect gambling even exists when it is not at all healthy? The answer may be simple and that is revenue. Like alcoholic drinks, this section always generates a great amount of revenue for the government and therefore every government allows restrictions. Now another part of this is if the restrictions are bypassed then the revenue generation increases.

Advertising on gambling:-

However, all governments take precautions not to publish ads related to gambling during telecasts of sports. But it is quite a difficult task as many telecasts are sponsored by gambling companies. The major events like NHL, MBA, or NFL are sponsored by online gambling companies like FanDuel or DraftKings.

This becomes a headache and the main hurdle in the government’s total gambling advertising ban policy. Fans of such games would like to bet on their favorite team and this is the reason why such companies find it as a great marketing opportunity during such live telecasts. Moreover, in any sports, there are a lot of places on which betting can be placed like, the best player, who makes a goal first, and many more.

Gambling is a vast field spread across every sport. An ethical way of betting is also gambling only.